Blog Updates from the CMBA

Storm Damage Homeowner Tips

February 22, 2013

St. Cloud, Minnesota ‐ Across the state each year, many people become victims of tornadoes, hail and storms. These natural disasters cost the U.S. economy billions of dollars annually. Read More.

Backup Generators - Insurance for Electrical Outages

February 22, 2013

Although delivery of electricity is very reliable in Central Minnesota, unpredictable power outages (usually storm-related) can range from relatively minor inconveniences to very expensive or life-threatening situations. Damaging snow and ice, strong winds, or lightning can leave a home without electricity, creating a plethora of problems. Computer technology, cooling and heating systems, automatic sump pumps, and home-based medical support systems are only a few of the important devices relied on by our electricity-based society. Read More.

Big Design Ideas for Small Homes

February 22, 2013

There are any number of reasons families might want to make better use of the space they have in their current or new home. As a family grows, their lifestyle changes, and space for storing toys or doing homework is at a premium. Read More.