Blog Updates from the CMBA

Spring Maintenance

March 19, 2015

If the thought of spring cleaning makes you long for winter, it’s time to think about these annual chores in a new way. By dedicating just a few days to complete these simple tasks, you will keep your home running smoothly and protect your investment at the same time. Read More.

New Home Trends for Millennials

February 28, 2015

As Millennials begin to enter the home buying market in larger numbers, homes will get a little smaller, laundry rooms will be essential, and home technology increasingly prevalent, said panelists during an International Builders’ Show press conference on home trends and Millennials’ home preferences. Read More.

Geothermal Heat Systems Gain Popularity

May 2, 2014

Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP), often referred to as geothermal heat, are the most efficient heating and cooling systems available. Although these systems have been around for several decades, their popularity has increased because of improvements in designs and materials. Owners appreciate the fact that operating costs are not subject to the volatile swings associated with fossil fuel pricing. These heating/cooling systems are also investments which potentially make homes more marketable. Read More.