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Horizontal vs. Vertical Installation

May 2, 2016

Geothermal systems offer two installation options. Heat is transferred through a ground loop system consisting of one continuous vinyl pipe. Both systems are equally efficient when up and running. The choice of one type over the other is often determined by building location. Jerry Meyer, President of Mid Central Heating & A/C, Inc. recently stated: “The average depth or length of pipe is about 180 feet per vertical well or horizontal loop. The type of soil and moisture content determines the amount of heat the soil holds, which in turn will decide the number of loops in a field. Moist soil holds more heat.” The quantity of pipe used depends on how much heat is needed for your house. A certain amount of pipe length will produce a certain amount of BTUs. A horizontal geothermal system is laid out in trenches which are usually about six inches wide. Salzbrun, who has 23 years of experience, says 95% of his installations are horizontal/ directional boring: “Because St. Cloud has so much granite I find this is the best procedure for most situations. Horizontal loops can be created by either boring or trenching and are more apt to be used where space is not an issue.” Horizontal drilling can also be used under trees. Vertical installations are the best choice for building sites where space is limited and in some situations may be the only acceptable choice. The wells can be drilled deeper so fewer of them are needed and less space is used. Holes approximately four inches in diameter are drilled about 20 feet apart. Vertical installations tend to be more expensive than horizontal because drilling wells is more expensive than trenching. Read More.

Insider Hints for Design on a Budget

September 18, 2015

Many times, by changing small elements, you can give a room an entirely new personality. Sometimes adding a few colorful pillows or picking up a paintbrush is all you need to do to make your room look like something out of the pages of a magazine. Marla Waseka, Graceful Spaces expert advise might help. Read More.