Birchwood Electric Inc.

Birchwood Electric formed in 2005. When started, Tony Thoennes had the talent as an electrician to get the job done. And Rachel, his wife, had the vision to make sure everything was successful with focus on residential-only service.
Gradually the business built up – based on a very simple thing: The Birchwood Standard. We care about our customers’ needs and expectations. We want to make them happy, just as much as we care about our name being synonymous with quality and integrity.
Travis Burg then joined Birchwood in 2011 as the Operations Manager to take on the role of scheduling and keeping all employees and projects in line. He was a low voltage expert with talent in the security, automation, and technology world. Due to this, in January 2013 the Birchwood Home Technology division was born along side the successful Electrical division. This expanded to offer our three core categories: electric, security and home technology.
Soon after in March of 2014, Tony and Rachel decided to step back from the business life which gave Travis an opportunity to take over complete ownership of Birchwood. Owning a business was something he and his family discussed many times, and with this opportunity presenting itself, he couldn't turn it down.
So Travis and his wife Nikki along with their 3 children decided to take this leap into this construction/ small business lifestyle, and they took over complete ownership of Birchwood. It has continued to succeed based on The Birchwood Standard.

License Numbers CA005183
Phone 320-282-5225
Address 12384 234th St.
Cold Spring, MN 56320